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Leba III Dental Spray

$69.99 $47.99
Product No. 419766 | Brand: Leba Lab Inc.
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A miracle formula dental spray, Leba III, for home pet periodontal cleaning that actually turns your dog's teeth white in a matter of weeks in a all-natural way! LEBA III is a "miraculous" herbal product that will not damage enamel and has no side-effects. Spray formula makes daily use easy and safe. No more anesthesia for your pet or outrageous teeth cleaning bills. LEBA III is a dog teeth cleaning system that will save your dog from the most common health problem in dogs, periodontal disease.

Leba III should not be used with any other dental product such as toothpaste during the treatment cycle. This will dilute and possibly negate the effectiveness of the formula.

Testimonials tell the story best:

"Leba III works by stimulating the enzymes in the saliva and gradually cleaning away the plaque buildup that can lead to periodontal disease. The product not only does away with home brushing but also helps protect your pet from the trauma of undergoing anesthesia for a professional cleaning." - Tim Hockley, President of Animal Wellness Magazine

1 oz. Spray Bottle = 240 uses (approx. 8 months supply) May not be returned once safety seal is broken. spacer


Article on periodontal disease.
Symptoms, how do dogs get it, and how to prevent it.


Customer Comments on Leba III

"Leba III is fantastic! I did not believe it until I saw how it worked on my five year-old yorkid, Sasha Belle. I raved about to our vet and showed her Sasha's teeth and I was amazed! I could not believe how sparkling clean they were since the last time I checked. And this has minimized the drama of brushing her teeth with the toothbrush and saved me over $500 for teeth cleaning at the vets. Thanks for providing the latest and greatest that make our babies healthy and happpy."

"I still cannot get over the difference it has made in less than one weeks time it is truly a miracle product! I will continue to recommend Leba III to everyone I know."
"Today when I checked her canines the tarter just flaked off. They are nice and white. Her breath is sooo much better!"


"So I think about 50 of our yorkie club friends are now using this product! It's been about 4 weeks for us and I am seeing a dramatic difference! Bailey and Jasmine say "thanks" we don't even mind the taste!"

Peggy, Jasmine and Bailey Michigan


"great stuff... I have been using Leba III for about six month now, my doxies teeth are so white, he is a big smiley guy when I come home and his breath seems a lot better also. I put your information in a doggie news letter, that is in Long Beach CA, so hopefully you will receive lots of orders from there, I wanted to share with as many people as I could, it is such a wonderful product. Thank you"

Heidi & Fritzi


Q: NAME of the product:
LEBA III (pronounced: LEEBA 3)
It is a dental spray for dogs and cats.

Q: Does it WORK?
YES, there is nothing like it on the market. We had 100% response in the trials.

Q: What are the INGREDIENTS?
A: The herbs are Mints (latin name Lamiaceae) and Roses (latin name Rosaceae) in trace elements (small amount), stabilized in Ethyl alcohol 25% & distilled water.
All the ingredients are human grade.

Q: HOW does it WORK ?
A: The herbs are the active ingredients, they stimulate the enzymes & change the chemistry in the mouth. The tartar will soften and fall out.

Q: What is the SIZE of the bottle?
A: One bottle is 1 ounce and has 240 sprays.

Q: How LONG does one bottle LAST ?
A: It depends how often you need to use it. It will vary with the size of your pet.

  • The quantity & frequency will be on the instruction sheet that comes with your Leba III.
  • If your pet has heavy tartar: you will give two treatments per day for approximately 6 weeks
  • Then you will go on maintenance, usually one treatment per day.

Q: Are there any SIDE EFFECTS?
A: There are no side effects. It has been used since 1994 by veterinarians in Canada with no side effects.

Q: Does it TASTE bad?
A: It has almost no taste.



Keep at room temperature away from sun. Nothing in the mouth (food or water) 1/2 hour before or after application.

Spray in pet's mouth:
 less than 50 pounds = 1 spray
 plus 50 pounds = 2 sprays
 spray in cap, take out with eyedropper, drop on tongue

1 spray = 6 drops
2 sprays = 12 drops

Frequency: twice a day until teeth are clean.
To Maintain: once a day.


Leba III
November 5, 2015 | By Lynn
My dogs breath were reeking, a friend recommended this product to me so I ordered it and within 2 days of using it, I couldn't believe the results! What a great product! It's been a week now and no more bad breath!

April 29, 2015 | By route 140 vet. hospital
They need to add a flavoring agent. The pet hates the taste and runs when they see the bottle.I would not recommend or sell this product to any of our patients. Karen Pierpont DVM.

GWL: "the pet" - you are drawing this conclusion from one pet? There are many who hate the taste of products that are beneficial for them. Judge the product by whether or not it works, not if the pet likes it. Surprised at this response from a "pet professional."

February 17, 2015 | By Ercilia Baez
Amazing product. You do see the difference. You just have have to make sure you use it all the time. But it is worth it.

February 15, 2015 | By Linda Norris
Very dissatisfied! This product does not work at all. Big waste of money!

GWL: depends on the condition of your dog's teeth. Many are too far gone for this product to work as expected.

Leba III
March 2, 2014 | By Ramona
I have started using Leba III and after less than a month, I see great results. Bebee is very happy. Just fantastic and easy to use

Awesome Service!
May 5, 2013 | By Rebecca Hazek
Great service and received my order fast, thank you!!!

Great purchase
March 30, 2013 | By Mary
I have tried other products but my dog love this one and doesn't react bad when I use it in this mouth

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Leba III Dental Spray

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