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HiP Action Dog Treats 6 oz. + Enlarge Image

HiP Action Dog Treats 6 oz.

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Product No. 204702 | Brand: Zukes
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What a great way to ensure your pet receives the much needed Glucosamine and Chondroitin to increase mobility and decrease pain in joints – naturally! Each bite-size treat contains over 250mg of each, plus essential co-factor vitamins, minerals, and amino acids packed into delicious easy-to-feed, bite-size treats. 6.25 oz

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My how times have changed. I remember when buying a big bag of milk bones constituted my dogs' treats for a month, and I thought all those colors were so pretty! Now I know better. Those cute colors came from artificial dyes and were probably toxic. We know so much more now about ingredients in our own food and also in our dogs'.
I read labels all the time, and after the recent pet food recall I am vigilant about what goes into my babies' mouths. It's never worth taking a chance. Thank goodness that more and more companies are now manufacturing totally safe pet food and treats with all-natural, domestic ingredients that not only don't harm our pets, but very often will help them.
One of my dogs is a collie with hip and joint problems. I love giving her treats that taste great, and at the same time offer a quick dose of glucosamine and chondroitin to help keep her mobile. One of my terriers is a little overweight, so he gets low-fat goodies. Many varieties offer help with teeth-cleaning, and that's good for all dogs. Make sure you only buy treats you trust, or they may end up just being nasty little tricks!


My baby loves Hip Action treats
May 27, 2013 | By Lisa Pellegrini-Conti
My Chihuahua has patellar luxation (his knees pop in & out). He has been on Glucosamine since he was a yr old & I usually have to wrap his dose up in cheese to make him eat it. Now with these treats he gobbles them down & loves them! It is also much easier to just give him one of these than measure a dose and wrap it in cheese. I am very happy & so is he!

Dog LOVES them...
August 13, 2012 | By Gina
My Dog is CRAZY for these treats. She jumps to get them out of my hand, don't know if they are helping her joints but one can hope. Will buy again.

Can't wait!
January 17, 2012 | By Collette Ornelas
Loves the treats, she jumps around with more ease then before. Thanks for the treats.

February 24, 2011 | By Vickie Claycamp
I love the Hip Action treats. We have a 4 yr. old miniature yorkshire terrier with back leg issues and a 16 yr. old australian shepherd with arthritis. They do wonders for both of them. Mobility and pain levels are much better. Wish they weren't so expensive but they do work.

These treats are very fresh!
June 18, 2010 | By Lindsay Lauck
Sprocket has been trying the Zuke's Hip Action natural treats for hip and joint health. At first, I wasn't sure if he liked them, because he ran and buried his treat - something I have never seen him do with any other treat. But each day that I gave him a new one, he would bury it, then bring out the previous day's treat and devour it. Now he eats them as soon as he gets them.
I notice that he instantly gets a burst of energy after he eats them, and he is running strong as ever. Just in time too, because his vet recently noticed he has a bad knee. I will continue to give them to him so he stays strong and healthy. His favorite thing to do is run with us in the mountains, so its important.
The only suggestion I could make is that the treats are kind of big for a little dog.

What a great product!!
June 18, 2010 | By Aimee Gertsch
Our little Maltese has had issues with her back and hips since birth. Finding something that is made to be helpful, while also being a treat, was such a fun surprise! She is happy to get a treat, and it really does seem like they help a bit.

We are excited to see how much they help her improve as we continue to give them to her. They are big, which means that each treat can last a few days for a small dog (as we break them into little bite sizes for Baby). What a great product.

I am really amazed by these treats
June 18, 2010 | By Nikki Figular
Indy, our family golden retriever, is 11 years old. He is starting to get old and is dealing with all of the ailments that come along with old age along with cushings disease and tumors. The biggest change we noticed in Indy with his old age is that he has had a hard time getting up from the lay down position. When he was younger, he'd be able to just pop up right onto his feet and stand up. As he got older, he started groaning as he would have to get up and it would take a few attempts before he could finally get himself up on his feet. I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical about the treats. I wasn't sure if they actually would work and help out Indy with his aching joints.
I followed the instructions and gave the recommended two treats for medium/large dogs to Indy every day. He LOVED the taste. He gobbled them right up. I don't think he even had to chew! So if you have a small dog, I would recommend you to break it up into pieces before giving it to them so they don't choke on it. So the Zukes Hip Action Treats get an A+ for taste.
After feeding Indy all of his treats, two weeks later I decided to let him lay down and then call him over for treats to see how he did with getting up from the lay down position. I was amazed. He was able to get right up with no moaning or groaning and not a single look of pain in his face.
I am really amazed by these treats. They work wonders. I will continue to give Indy Zukes Hip Action treats into his old age.

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HiP Action Dog Treats 6 oz.

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Buy 3 or more and save 10%

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