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"must-read" dental care articles

"Leba III is fantastic! I did not believe it until I saw how it worked on my five-year-old Yorkie, Sasha Belle. I raved about it to our vet and showed her Sasha's teeth and I was amazed! I could not believe how sparkling clean they were since the last time I checked. And this has minimized the drama of brushing her teeth with the toothbrush and save me over $500 for teeth cleaning at the vet. Thanks for providing the latest and greatest that makes our babies healthy and happy."

"I still cannot get over the difference [Leba III] has made in less than one week's time; it is truly a miracle product! I will continue to recommend Leba III to everyone I know."

"Today, when I checked her canines, the tartar just flaked off. They are nice and white. Her breath is sooo much better!"

"I ordered a couple of things online, including one carrot z-ridge dental bone. When I got the box, Daisy, my boston terrier/chihuahua showed her usual curiosity. However, she started to go bonkers when she smelled something in the box. I've never seen her get so crazy over anything before! she started to spin around and jump and try to get the box from me. Finally, I put it down and let her take what she wanted out of it. It was the carrot z-ridge bone! I took it from her to take off the packaging, and then gave it back. She ran around the house with it, happier than I've seen her with any thing. She even ignored the cat walking by her when she was chewing it. Thanks for making such an enticing chew bone for daisy! I can't wait to get more."

"The day before I was scheduled to take in my 14 year old for a teeth cleaning I was introduced to PlaqueOff.
I immediately canceled my vet appointment and started both my dogs on the program. Just 2 weeks into the program I noticed a substantial difference in both dog's teeth. Murfee was spared the vet cleaning experience and has gone from terrible breath to a slight odor in his breath and a noticeable difference in the plaque on his teeth. Mitzi had immediate results, although she had just a small amount of tartar build up, after a week on PlaqueOff she had shiny white teeth with no visible build up. PlaqueOff works great and I look forward to minimizing my vet bills in the future with this product."

Leba III Dental Spray

PetzLife Oral Care Spray

PetzLife Oral Care Gel

ProDen PlaqueOff

Z-Ridge Carrot Dental Bone

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