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Outdoor Overalls for Dogs + Enlarge Image

Outdoor Overalls for Dogs

$79.99 $15.00 Product No. 222649 | Brand: Hurtta Pro Collection
   Based on 2 reviews  | 

  • Keeps your dog and your house clean
  • Quick tension drawstring around girth and collar takes up slack
  • Houndtex® technology acts as dog's second skin to keep them dry
  • Stretch leg holes with new-style Velcro closure
  • Wide protective tongue behind YKK zipper keeps fur away from track
  • Velcro tab holds top of zipper in place while zippering
  • Reflective 3M accent piping for nighttime safety
Hurtta has designed these overalls with more detail and in more sizes than we've ever seen for dogs. Be sure to review the sizing chart and measure your dog in all places listed.

Designed mostly for protection from wind and rain. Lightweight material allows freedom of movement for active dogs. Click for a Hurtta Overalls size chart.

50%+ OFF SALE - LAST CALL - no more when gone. No returns.

Sizing Help
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Hurtta Collection - Outdoor Overalls
Size Back
Neckline Front
12S 12" (30cm) 17" (42cm) 14-17" (36-42cm) 13-15" (32-36cm) 3" (8.5cm)
12M 12" (30cm) 20" (50cm) 18-20" (45-51cm) 15-17" (38-43cm) 4" (10cm)
12L 12" (30cm) 26" (64cm) 20-22" (50-56cm) 17-19" (43-48cm) 5" (12cm)
13S 13" (32cm) 21" (54cm) 19-21" (48-52cm) 15-17" (38-43cm) 6" (15cm)
14M 14" (35cm) 20" (51cm) 18-20" (44-50cm) 14-16" (36-41cm) 2" (5cm)
14L 14" (35cm) 25" (63cm) 24-27" (61-67cm) 18-20" (45-50cm) 6" (16cm)
15S* 15" (38cm) 24" (62cm) 19-22" (48-54cm) 14-16" (35-40cm) 2" (5cm)
18S* 18" (45cm) 28" (71cm) 22-25" (56-62cm) 15-17" (38-43cm) 2" (5cm)
18M 18" (45cm) 28" (71cm) 22-26" (55-65cm) 19-21" (47-52cm) 7" (17cm)
18L 18" (45cm) 30" (75cm) 27-31" (67-77cm) 20-22" (51-56cm) 8" (19cm)
22S 22" (55cm) 35" (89cm) 29-33" (73-83cm) 21-25" (53-63cm) 9" (24cm)
24S 24" (60cm) 37" (94cm) 30-34" (74-84cm) 23-27" (57-67cm) 11" (cm)
* good size for Dachshundsgwlittle  

  • No softeners
  • Machine wash warm
  • No bleach
  • Air dry
  • Iron low if needed
  • Do not dryclean
Shell is 100% Polyamide with Houndtex®.

Customer Reviews
The perfect overall!
April 29, 2012 | By Euki
I was so impressed with the quality of construction and materials of this overall and so thankful to find the wide variety in sizing. After trying half a dozen different brands of overalls, this is the ONLY one that I've found to fit my 12lb Coton (he fits 352/14M very well). I like that the zipper is on the back, and it has a decent under-flap of fabric next to the zipper that makes zipping up a breeze despite my dog's very long, cottony hair. The goretex-like material is very strong, waterproof and breathable and I was very pleased with it's performance in the rain. I wish Hurtta's fleece body suit that can be snapped into this overall was available in the US, but in the meantime, there is room enough under the coat to put a sweater on and have the coat do double duty for snowy winter walks. This is a pricey product but well worth the cost.

Hurtta's Outrageous Overalls
April 8, 2012 | By Avon
My GSDs that live with me in Western WA enjoy slogging through mud and splashing in puddles, creeks, lakes, etc. But as their mom, I care about the dirt they bring into my van and home. The Hurtta overalls work beautifully to repel the moisture and dirt their coats would otherwise capture and nothing about the sturdy practical design and construction makes my working dogs look like sissies wearing dainty jackets.

My only suggestion for improvement includes a re-design of the elastic fitting with Velcro ends for both the overall front and rear legs. I've noticed that the fitting of the overall legs does not stay tight enough to remain above the dog's wrists and hocks and thus restricts my dog's freedom of movement when the garment legs slip down. When this happens, I need to re-tighten the Velcro strap above the wrists and hocks.

Beside the excellent garment design, construction and fabric, I benefit from having clean dogs in their crates in my van and my home after we've had a wet hike.

By using the Hurtta overalls, I have no need to bathe and dry my dogs after our hikes except to simply dry their feet with a small towel. Thank you Hurtta for this outrageously practical, sturdy and well-made dog garment.

Since I live in a cool climate, I suggest Hurtta consider making this product in a reflective color for warmer environments (the overalls I have come in black).

Hooray Hurtta and thank you for making something that makes it easy for me to have clean fun with my dogs no matter the environmental conditions.


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Outdoor Overalls for Dogs


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