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Dog Cooling Coat Wrap - Hurtta + Enlarge Image

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Dog Cooling Coat Wrap - Hurtta

$74.99 $15.00
Product No. 223663 | Brand: Hurtta Pro Collection
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Here's a prefect cooling wrap for use on dogs in warm weather. If it's outdoor training, all day at the dog show, or just outside when it's hot, this coat will help cool their spine, kidneys, chest and backside. Features a leash hole for harnesses, cinch collar opening, tag area for phone number, reflective piping, and adjustable girth strap with quick release buckle.

Simply activate the cooling wrap with plenty of cold water. Ring it out gently until it stops dripping. As the remaining moisture evaporates from the coat it feels cool. The duration of cooling depends on the ambient temperature, humidity, and the size of your dog. Always monitor your dog while wearing clothing. Apply more water when the lining becomes dry.

Designed in Finland by Hurtta, a premier brand and manufacturer of high quality pet products. Review the size guide below for the best fit the first time. spacer CLOSEOUT SPECIAL

Hurtta Pro Collection - Cooling Coat
Size Chest Girth
Back Length Neckline (up to)
10 12-19" (30-48cm) 10" (25cm) 13" (32cm)
12 16-21" (40-54cm) 12" (30cm) 14" (36cm)
14 20-28" (50-70cm) 14" (35cm) 16" (41cm)
16 18-30" (45-76cm) 16" (40cm) 16-1/4" (42cm)
18 20-34" (52-86cm) 18" (45cm) 18" (46cm)
20 24-34" (60-88cm) 20" (50cm) 20" (50cm)
22 24-35" (60-90cm) 22" (55cm) 22" (55cm)
24 28-36" (70-92cm) 24" (60cm) 22-1/4" (57cm)
26 28-40" (70-102cm) 26" (65cm) 25" (63cm)
28 32-42" (80-108cm) 28" (70cm) 28" (70cm)
30 32-45" (82-114cm) 30" (76cm) 30" (76cm)
32 33-47" (84-120cm) 32" (80cm) 33" (83cm)

Shell and lining 100% Polyester. Machine washable in warm water (no softeners), air dry.


Oh boy! a cooling coat!
May 31, 2015 | By Edgar Tejada
I use this cooling coat in New York, a hot summer city. First at all,my dog hates this hot season. During daytime in sunlight he dislikes the heat, but since I use the Hurtta cooling coat he makes the walk a lot better than before. I sunk the coat in cold water, drain the excess water and at last I put on the coat on my dog. This coat brand Hurtta is one of the best brands, it has a harness system to make the coat a lot more comfortable for the dog. Also, this design makes the coat easy to put on and take off. This coat runs in size a little bigger, but depends on the dog. For slim dogs I would get 1 size less and for bulky dogs I would get the regular size. Only a suggestion! The quality is supreme and the buckles are small, handy and sturdy. I give 5 stars to the Hurtta cooling coat and 5 stars to G W Little is just a great store with great customer service.

What a wonderful company!!
May 20, 2015 | By Margene
I can't say enough about the quality of this Hutta cool vest. I bought this longer cool 'wrap' that goes to my small poodle-mix's tail, as well as the shorter Hutta 'vest' that was on clearance. BOTH are made phenomenally well. Though it felt odd to try these on my dog in high heat and humidity, b/c it seemed as though I was putting a 'coat' on an already HOT little dog. But after I got past that, I think it helped her to not have to stop and lay down in the shade 8 times on a neighborhood walk. (She's 9 mon's old, and has no health problems, her body temp just runs extremely HOT. Ironically, so does my own since childhood, so we're a perfect match in deep understanding of having a low heat threshold.) --- This Hutta product from Finland couldn't be a better choice. There isn't anything like this available in ALL the dog stores here in Madison, WI either. (I've looked). A+++ product.

cooling coat
June 12, 2014 | By Kim
This cooling coat really helps keep our dogs cooler. Works great for walks in hot weather. It keeps or great dane much cooler. The xxl size is a bit hard to wring out so it doesn't drip in the house so we wait to put it on until outside. Other than that is an awesome product.

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Dog Cooling Coat Wrap - Hurtta

223663 (price may vary by option)

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