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Thundershirt Anxiety Treatment for Dogs + Enlarge Image

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Thundershirt Anxiety Treatment for Dogs

Product No. 220868 | Brand: Thundershirt
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Thundershirt applies a gentle, constant pressure which has a dramatic calming effect for most dogs during thunderstorms as well as other anxieties such as loud noises, separation, travel, containment, and even excessive barking. Using pressure to calm anxiety has been in use for years and based on the Tellington Touch principle.

We tested this on a friends dog who was fearful of thunderstorms and it worked! Thousands of Veterinarians and dog trainers also recommend Thundershirts for anxiety cases. The long flaps wrap nicely around your dog's body providing a secure feeling, and it avoids using drugs to calm them.

Over 85% of dogs show significant improvement with their anxiety, and best of all Thundershirt comes with a money-back guarantee. Please be sure to acclimate your dog slowly to the Thundershirt, especially if they are not used to wearing dog clothes. Feel free to contact us for assistance if needed.

Material is soft, breathable, and washable. spacer spacer

Thundershirt Sizes
Size Chest Girth*
XXS 9" to 13.5"
XS 13" to 18"
SM 16" to 23"
MD 18" to 26"
LG 24" to 32"
* Measure chest girth with a soft rule behind the front legs around the widest part of the body with your dog standing up on all four legs.

Customer Testimonial

"I just have to tell you my experience with the thunder shirt I purchased from you and my 9 year old Chihuahua (Molly). She is a barker and makes her presence known and definitely lets us know if someone is at the door or enters the house. I have tried everything to stop the barking and nothing works. I have even had trainers advise me with what to do to stop the barking.

Well we just had our house turned upside down installing a new ceramic tile floor. I want you to know I put that shirt on her before the workmen got here and she barked one time all day long. In the afternoon they left for supplies and I took the shirt off. When they got back the shirt was still off and she started barking up a storm as usual. I scooped her up and told her we were going to put the shirt on and she just stood there like she wanted it back on and she hates wearing clothes. Then she calmed down again.

I am in awe of this shirt. I bought the shirt for thunder storms and of course it has not rained one time sense I received the shirt. If this shirt works this good for the storms I will tell everyone I know about this shirt and direct them to your web site.

It is the end of the day, the workmen are gone, Molly is sleeping by my side and I still can’t believe how good this shirt worked today."

Thank you,
K. Chabert


Did not work
November 30, 2012 | By Danelle
These shirts did not work for my chihuahua's anxiety in the car. I ordered the XXS for my 2-1/2lb chihuahau and it was too big but it fit my 5lb chihuahua and the XS I ordered for her was too large. From my experience they run a little large.

Spreading the Word!
June 5, 2012 | By Pauline Constable
Since receiving the pink & white option, I have been busy spreading the word to all my doggie friends - They Work!!! No more nervous, shaking puppy, but instead she is relaxed, friendly and a lot more confident.

G.W. Little is Great !
April 19, 2012 | By Peggy Portanova
I love G.W. Little. The orders always come in a timely fashion. You always let me know it's on the way and thank me for shopping with you.
I purchased the Thundershirt for my dog Harley who has seizures. My hope, although I realize it's not advertised as such, was that it would help prevent his pre-seizure anxiety. We've had it about a week and he has gotten used to wearing it. I only have it on him in the morning as that's when most of his seizures occur and so far the only thing I can say for sure is that he's not shaking as much as he used to. Also he's not had another seizure in the short time he's been wearing it.

It REALLY works!!!!!
April 9, 2012 | By Deanna
This is Cooper's second Thundershirt as he wears it most of the time. (Just in case one is in the laundry and I need him to waer it.) It may not cure his anxiety, however it cuts it by at least 80%. I will take that any day of the week!!!!!

January 25, 2012 | By Valerie Sparks
The Thundershirt arrived quickly after submitting my order request and fit perfectly! Nugget, my mother's Chihuahua seems to settle down when it is put on her. She isn't as nervous during thunderstorms! Thank you!

worked like a charm
December 20, 2011 | By terri runkle
Roxy has sever anxiety when going to the vet. The shirt came the morning i was taking her in for an exam. The directions say to put it on 30 min. before but I did not have that much time. I put it on her and left. While we were waiting our turn the vest didn't seem to be working. at the 30 min. mark however she immediately calmed down and the visit was anxiety free.

December 19, 2011 | By Jessica Lauricella Viola
I've been trying everything for my lil' man, ever since we've found out about his collapsed trachea & his never ending panic & panting episodes. I wanted something to calm his anxiety. After trying the thunder tshirt, it has calmed him down so much! What a wonderful product! It's great, I don't have to reach for his anxiety meds, I can just reach for his wrap! I've already purchased another one for my lil' princess. You won't regret buying this one!

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Thundershirt Anxiety Treatment for Dogs

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