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Collar Bell + Enlarge Image

Collar Bell

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Product No. 212102 | Brand: Susan Lanci Designs
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You'll never lose your dog under your feet again when they are wearing these delicate little bells. Attach to collar.

7/16" dia. spacer spacer


Picture perfect
June 22, 2015 | By Rae'
Awesome will order more for sure!

Pink collar bell
December 21, 2013 | By Becky fought
I love these bell's we purchased four of them for our dog's they look so pretty on the girl's and I can hear them behind me so we do not step on them!!! I love GW Little, it's the best all product's are high quality

Breaks Easily if Your Dog Runs/Plays a Lot
December 3, 2013 | By Jaclyn
This bell started out okay. I got one each for our cat and dog. After a few months, I noticed that the dog's bell was no longer making a sound. I checked and saw that part of the outer ball had broken off and the inner bell was long gone. I bought another one, and within a couple months I noticed that half of it had cracked off.

Our cat's bell is still working, over a year later, but she is not very active. The dog runs around and plays a lot, so I guess this bell just doesn't stand up to his activity level. It's a shame, since the sound was great, while it worked.

No! No! No!
July 30, 2013 | By Chelly
I wrote a review last month about how great this bell is. I take it back!! My dog continued to chew on it constantly, and after only 6 weeks managed to dent the bell so badly it hardly made noise anymore. Last week, my spidey-senses were tingling and I walked into my living room and found the bell completely detached from the clasp in her mouth! I about had a heart attack! I had to chase her around the room and pry it out-- she could have swallowed it and suffocated herself!!! The jump ring between the bell and the clasp was completely stretched out, and like i said, the bell itself was incredibly misshapen. My dog is not an aggressive chewer--- she doesn't even have enough jaw power to squeak most of her toys!

We need to find something to put on her collar because she is so quiet, but this bell did not hold up at all! There should be one offered that is made of stainless steel (that her teeth can't do any serious damage to) with a MUCH stronger jump ring.

What a scary experience!

GWL: PLEASE do not let your dog "chew on it constantly" - if your dog chews on the bell take it away immediately and do not let them continue. Find a way to use the bell so they can't reach it with their mouth.

exactly what we needed!
June 5, 2013 | By Chelly
This is exactly what I needed for my little girl! She's so quiet we have a hard time keeping track of her, the bell is lightweight and small enough it doesn't bother her at all as she's only 2.5 lbs right now. The only issue we have is she quickly learned how to move around without jingling the bell at all so if she really wants to be sneaky, she can. Also, in the first week or so we found her trying to chew on the bell several times but that seems to have tapered off.

Rings True
February 25, 2011 | By Emmie
A fantastic, well made bell. Looks great and rings true to let you know when the wee ones are about.

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Collar Bell

212102 (price may vary by option)

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