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Celebrity Pooch Names

Perhaps it all started with Paris and "Tinkerbell", but the end is no where in sight — and we love it! Celebrities are being seen with their darling doggies more than ever. And the fun part is learning all their names!

There seem to be two categories most often used for Hollywood’s dog names: sweet and cutesy and celeb-royalty.

For instance, Britney’s Chihuahua, "Bit Bit" — very cutesy. So are Nicole Richie’s pups- her Shih Tzu, "Honey Pie" and her Pomeranian, "Foxxy Cleopatra." Ditto for "Munchie," Beyoncé’s Shih Tzu. Also goes for both of actor Adrian Brody’s Chi’s, "Ceelo Vicious" and "Lolly." Jessica Simpson’s Maltipoo, "Daisy," was also adorably named, as was Ashley Judd’s Cockapoo, "Buttermilk." Anna Nicole Smith opted towards the sweet side for her Toy Poodle, "Sugar Pie." But when she acquired her Maltese, Anna took a different approach and named the white ball of fluff after her silver screen idol: "Marilyn Monroe."

Little Miss Monroe Smith isn’t the only famous dog named after human well-knowns. You can regularly spot Jessica Alba with her Pugs, "Sid: and "Nancy," named after the notorious punk rock couple. "Frank Sinatra," an English Bulldog, and "Coco Chanel," a French Bulldog, are frequently photographed by the paparazzi alongside mom, Reese Witherspoon. One name that we can’t seem to stop wondering about — Jennifer Garner’s golden Labrador Retriever, "Martha Stewart." Perhaps a name that only a celebrity dog’s mother could love.

-S. Athanasiou

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