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Humane No-Bark Collar + Enlarge Image

Humane No-Bark Collar

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Product No. 226549 | Brand: CLIX
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Finally - a humane version of a no-bark collar that has great results. The CLIX No-Bark Collar uses sound or vibration, your choice, plus an off mode when your dog graduates but the collar is needed as a reminder. In each active mode there are 2 levels of stimulation, low or high, providing 2 or 4 seconds of stimulation.

Your dog's barking activates the collar and there are no electric shocks! Recommended by Britain's leading animal behaviorist, Dr. Roger Mugford. Adjustable collar covers a wide range of sizes. Small for necks from 9" to 15", and large for necks from 16" to 27", both in 3/4" width nylon.

Keep the collar snug to the neck (allowing room for at least 1 finger) and the housing under the chin for best results. Showerproof, but not waterproof and uses simple watch batteries. Extremely lightweight and durable.

Please see Additional Info tab for important training instructions. spacer LAST CALL - no more when gone!

For Best Results:

  • Place the collar on your dog's neck.
  • Make sure the plastic unit is sercurley placed under the chin.
  • Do not turn the unit on for 10 minutes or your dog may become collar smart.
  • Remove all other collars and tags.
  • Start your training by moving the Sound/Vibration Switch to Vibration.
  • Later on as your dog trains, you can switch from VIBRATION to SOUND.
  • The ON/OFF Switch gives you 2 levels of training. The L Position gives 2 seconds of vibration or sound when your dog barks. The H Position gives 4 seconds.
  • Begin your training on H for the 4 second activation. As your pet starts learning, move to L for 2 seconds as you slowly wean your pet off the need to use this collar.
  • The action of your dog barking will now activate the collar.

Work with your pet.
When you see you pet react positively to the collar, praise him and give him one of his favorite treats.

Dogs learn through positive reinforcement, so do this often.

Reinforcement, praise and treats reward good behavior and soon your dog will stop the constant barking.

Be patient and follow our Directions and soon your dog will be trained and you will have quiet in your home once again.

Customer Reviews
Humane No-Bark Collar
April 11, 2015 | By Carey Yaros
The size and weight of this collar was perfect for an 8 lb Chinese Crested that exhibits nuisance barking. It also worked but for only 4 days. Replaced the batteries to no avail. Did further research on line and found a majority of consumers had the same mechanical problems. Would not recommend because of the product's unreliability.

Worked wonderfully
August 8, 2014 | By Vicki
This collar is mild enough that I don't worry about hurting my little noisy girl, but startled her enough to stop barking. I would give it a 5 except it scared the heck out of her and she hid in her bed for an hour after the first use and we felt bad.

Humane no bark training collar
March 6, 2014 | By Vic robertson
This color worked great. My dog barks when she is outside and sees people or other dogs. I put this on her and she is quiet now and isn't disturbing the neighbors. Highly recommend it.

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Humane No-Bark Collar

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