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Hurtta Microfleece Jumpsuit + Enlarge Image

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Hurtta Microfleece Jumpsuit

$69.99 $35.00
Product No. 226198 | Brand: Hurtta Pro Collection
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Premium quality, construction, sizing, and comfort for dogs of all sizes. Choose from close to 20 sizes for a precise fitting microfleece jumpsuit to keep your dog protected from rough winter weather.

Partial leg coverings help keep vital leg muscles warm. Microfleece is a breathable membrane and is soft and nonrestrictive allowing freedom of movement. 3M reflectors are added for nighttime safety. Leash hole is conveniently located near the collar, and may even work for harness attachment in smaller sizes.

Please review the size chart in "Additional Info" tab carefully for girth and length measurements. Measure your dog while they are standing on all four legs using a soft measuring tape. There are draw strings to take up excess material at the neck and girth. Once you have the proper setting simply put a knot in the elastic string to maintain the size.

Machine washable. spacer LAST CALL - No More When Gone

Hurtta Collection - Microfleece Jumpsuit
Size Back Length Chest Girth
10s 10" (25cm) 19" (48cm) 12" (30cm)
10m 10" (25cm) 20" (52cm) 13" (34cm)
12xs 12" (30cm) 18" (46cm) 13" (33cm)
12s 12" (30cm)  20" (50cm) 16" (40cm)
12m 12" (30cm)  24" (60cm) 17" (42cm)
12L* 12" (30cm)  20" (52cm) 13" (34cm)
14s 14" (35cm)  24" (60cm) 17" (44cm)
14m 14" (35cm)  27" (68cm) 17" (44cm)
16xs 16" (40cm) 24" (60cm) 16" (40cm)
16m 16" (40cm) 28" (72cm) 20" (50cm)
18xs 18" (45cm) 28" (70cm) 20" (50cm)
18m 18" (45cm) 30" (76cm) 22" (55cm)
20m 20" (50cm) 35" (90cm) 24" (60cm)
22m 22" (55cm) 35" (90cm) 26" (65cm)
22L* 22" (55cm) 32" (80cm) 22" (55cm)
24m 24" (60cm) 39" (100cm) 26" (65cm)
28m 28" (70cm) 47" (120cm) 32" (80cm)
28L* 28" (70cm) 37" (95cm) 26" (65cm)
32m 32" (80cm) 47" (120cm) 35" (90cm)

* (L) Large sizes are designed for slim breeds, while (M) Medium sizes are for dogs which are higher and have more muscle. This is why the medium measurements seem larger than their large equivalents in the same length.

  • No softeners
  • Machine wash warm
  • No bleach
  • Air dry, or tumble dry on lowest setting
  • Iron low if needed
  • Do not dryclean


Hurtta Microfleece Jumpsuit
November 15, 2015 | By Kari Hague
Love it

Great Jumpsuit
December 15, 2014 | By Miryam
It's a fabulous and cozy little jumpsuit!

katie's coat
October 18, 2014 | By Deborah Duncan
I was so happy!!! This fits her perfectly. She is a minature dauchound but bigger than most minatures I have seen. Anyway she is 16 " long and her girth is bigger than most. I called G.W.Little's company and the girl helped me choose a size so we decided on 16 small. I could NOT believe my eyes. It fits her perfectly. I did not have to do anything to it!!!!!!!!!!!! This is her 3rd coat from G.W. Little and the best one. I like the other 2 but this one is PERFECT!! the zipper up the back is awesome also. so easy to put on her my husband even does it!!!!!

January 29, 2014 | By Ernest Pagragan
I will give this a 4 since I have no basis for comparison. My only problem with all of this is the sizing system (or systems) that are used. It is almost impossible to get it right.

Description Item #    Options Quantity Price
Hurtta Microfleece Jumpsuit

226198 (price may vary by option)
Gift Wrap ($3.99)

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