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Dog Cooling Vest - Hurtta + Enlarge Image

Dog Cooling Vest - Hurtta

$34.99 $20.00 Product No. 226757 | Brand: Hurtta Pro Collection
   Based on 7 reviews  | 

Hurtta has done it again! A specially designed cooling vest for dogs which fits around the chest area, where dogs do most of their cooling. No freezing required, and you shouldn't strap anything frozen to your dog anyway. The easy step-in style is quick to put on and Hurtta includes a pre-zipper snap to hold the garment in place leaving both hands free to do the zipper. Brilliant, and Thank You Hurtta!

Plus, the 3 smallest sizes, XXS, XS, and Small all have small d-rings on ether side flo the zipper for a leash atttachment. Larger sizes do not have this feature due to the strength of larger dogs, and in which case we would recommend a Hurtta padded harness, or padded Y harness for use over the cooling vest.

Activate the cooling wrap with plenty of cold water. Ring it out gently until it stops dripping. As the remaining moisture evaporates from the coat it feels cool. The duration of cooling depends on the ambient temperature, humidity, and the size of your dog. Always monitor your dog while wearing clothing. Apply more water when the lining becomes dry.

Designed in Finland by Hurtta, a premier brand and manufacturer of high quality pet products. Review the size guide below for the best fit the first time.

Reminder: Never leave your dog unattended in a hot car. A cooling vest or cracked window is not enough to prevent overheating.

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Hurtta Cooling Vest Size Chart
Size Chest Girth
XXS 14" 11"
XS 17" 12"
S 20" 13"
M 24" 16"
L 29" 19"
XL 34" 22"
XXL 42" 28"

Measure the girth around the chest behind the fron legs while your dog is satanding on all four legs. Use a soft ruler, or string, and pull it slightly taught. If using string mark the location and lay it out straight for measuring.

Shell and lining 100% Polyester. Machine washable in warm water (no softeners), air dry.

Customer Reviews
Perfect for Las Vegas
June 22, 2015 | By Lori Rogers
Perfect for hot days especially in Las Vegas. The fit is perfect and it zips nicely with a flap so your pets hair will not get caught while zipping it closed. The small D rings on the back where you connect the leash to are a great size which makes it not bulky and heavy for my small dog. The best thing is, it stays cool for a nice length of time before I have to wet it again.I totally love it! Thanks a bunch!

Beat The Heat!
May 6, 2015 | By Taryn Jones
I ordered two vests for my Maltipoo and Brussels Griffon. I am intending to use them while on vacation in Palm Springs CA. I have tested them out in the Texas heat and they work great! Went on a long walk and neither dogs were even panting. They hold the water for a long time as well. If you measure your dog and they are right on the end of one size, its probably fine. I ordered up a size and they are both a bit big but still work perfect and double as a harness that they can't slip out of.

Great Quality
April 23, 2015 | By Tashi
Hurtta products have superior quality and design. We own several items by Hurtta and are always very happy with the way they look and perform.

Puppy Luv
July 29, 2014 | By Pamela McDonald
I recently ordered the Hurtta Dog Cooling Vest for my 5 lb yorkie to use at the beach and it really works keeping them it!

June 23, 2014 | By Diana
I purchased three of these vests--one for my Brussels Griffon; one for my dachshund; and one for my small terrier mix. Before using these vests, my dogs would pant and pant for ten-fifteen minutes after walks. Now, they are cool, calm and comfortable during and afterwards. I live in Arizona; it is already near 90 early in the morning when I walk my dogs. These vests have allowed us to continue their morning walks, which they love! Thanks Hurtta! Will be purchasing now for my larger lab mix!

June 9, 2014 | By grazyna luciani
this jacket simply not work ,it dry 's so fast in the heat of the sun maybe 30 minutes max,and it is just like putting a coat on you dog in the summer.
My Maltese own 3 deferent cooling jackets and this model is waste of money.

GWL: We feel this customer may not be using enough water or expecting too much of the item. If it's that hot outside 30 minutes of cooling time is great and simply adding more water adds to the cooling time. It's also not advisable to leave your dogs out in weather that hot for too long as heat is dangerous for dogs.

June 4, 2014 | By Linda
WOW! I was a bit skeptical but hoped the Hurtta Dog Cooling Vest would work for my Shih Tzu. Anyone who has one of this breed knows they don't do so well in the heat. The temperature is already in the 90's in Texas and it is only the first week of June. Our Hurtta Dog Cooling Vest just arrived today. When my husband took our dog for a walk our dog was so different when he returned from his walk. Usually he comes home and collapses on the tile floor for a while but today he was play-fighting with me while I tried to dry off the fur with a towel where the vest was. He loves to play with towels. After that he was racing all over the house and playing. His behavior was so different and I am so thankful. The vest really worked. I am thankful for this product.


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Dog Cooling Vest - Hurtta


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