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How To Measure Your Dog

  1. Stand your dog upright on all four legs (called a "stacked" position)
  2. COLLARS: Using a soft rule measure the circumference of the neck where a collar would rest. Add 1-1/2" to 2" (less for tiny dogs).
  3. HARNESSES: Use a soft ruler and measure the girth around the widest part directly behind the front legs.
  4. CLOTHING: Measure girth as above, plus the "top line" (length) from the collar to the base of the tail.
  5. BELLY BANDS: Measure the circumference directly in front of the rear legs.
View the video for visual guidance on measuring.
NOTE: weight is not a good indicator of size. Two 10-pound dogs can have drastically different dimensions.

How to Measure Your Dog

Right-Size Promise

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