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Best Performing Dog Tear Stain Solutions

Angels Eyes video

customer comment:

Minnie and Cooper BEFORE

Minnie and Cooper AFTER

  "We have two Maltese dogs, and from very early on, they both had the terrible staining around their eyes. Everyone would notice and ask us, "What's wrong with their eyes?" After doing lots of research on how to clear this up, we used many different types of eye lotions and potions and every eye wipe they had on the market, it was so much work and very expensive to keep trying to find something that would clear up the staining around their eyes. Both of our dogs, Minnie and Cooper, would get quite frustrated with us trying to clean up their eyes with all the different types of products.
  "Finally, we discovered Angel's Eyes. Since we had not used this type of power treatment before, we thought why not, nothing else had worked so far. It said sprinkle in their food and in a couple of months we would see a difference... and WE DID. Finally we had success. Both Minnie and Cooper now have sparkling eyes and everyone notices that their eyes are always fresh and clean. And the best part was that our dogs didn't even know we were doing it because we no longer needed to bother or frustrate them, it was easy.
Now every time I see a dog with tear staining around their eyes, I immediately approach them and tell them that Angel's Eyes worked for our two dogs after we had tried everything. I did the research, I tried every lotion, potion and wipe on the market... only Angel's Eyes worked for us. It changed the total appearance of our dogs' faces. So thank you, we are thrilled to have discovered Angel's Eyes. I give this 10 out of 10."

Keely & Eric

Angels Eyes and Eye Envy Beauty Kit
Angels' Eyes and Eye Envy Kit

Angels Eyes - Beef

Angels Eyes - chicken

Eye Envy Kit

Non-Refrigerated Eye Envy Kit

REFILL Eye Envy Solution

Replenishment Bag of Eye Envy Pads

EyePack Dual Action Tear Stain Pack


EyePads for Dog Tear Stains

customer comment:

  "The 'Eyemunity' supplement and cleansing pads are wonderful. By far the best, least irritating solution for the tear stain problem. Maggie is a smooth coated Chihuahua, cream and white... you can imagine the battle we have had with tear stains on her pearly colored fur. This not only works, but she doesn't object in the slightest to having the eye pads used on her, and the supplement... it must taste wonderful because she gobbles it up... if any of it doesn't get mixed in with her dry dog food, she licks every speck from the bottom of her bowl. Thank you so much!!!"


customer comment:

  "I just want to let you know that Angels' Eyes and the Eye Envy products are awesome for tear stains! I have a Maltese and I use these products daily on him. We've had no tear staining within a couple weeks after starting with these products. Now his face is as white as snow."

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