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Pet Memorials

Here Today, Hurt Tomorrow

I know that many of you reading this may have lost a child, a wife, a husband. Nothing can compare to the excruciating pain of that kind of loss. But often, our pets are the ones who get us through it. They become our “children.” It’s the times when you need understanding without words, compassion with no judgment, healing in your own time… that’s what our pets give us. It’s something we can rarely receive unconditionally from human relationships.

But what happens when all that emotion is over the loss of that which has comforted you so over the years? It’s the spirit, the soul of your pet that is still with you, at your side, still just as much of a comfort in their silent reverie as when they were in bodily form. Who says you have to stop talking to them and laughing about them? Our pets are usually the inspiration for most of the laughter in our lives. So remember how goofy they were and laugh… even if the laughing ends with tears. Laughter is the best healer. For all you know they are still following you around the house.

I do believe that we will see our pets in the afterlife, whatever that means to you. Until then, they remain by your side and want you to think of them and smile, knowing that when you take your last breath they wait for you – with tail wagging… over the rainbow bridge.

- Written by Colleen Paige. With over two decades of expertise as a dog trainer and animal behaviorist, Colleen teaches people to be kind to their dogs using love and leadership in combination with “speaking” dog language. A columnist for Fido Friendly and regular guest expert for many national magazines, TV and radio programs, she also founded National Dog Day, (August 26th)! Check out Colleen's new book, The Good Behavior Book for Dogs.

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