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Teacup Dog Harnesses

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Plush Air-Mesh Dog Vest Harness $37.99 - $39.99
Li'l Pals Step-In Mesh Dog Harness $21.99
Puppia Step-In Soft Vest Harness $26.99

Comfort Soft Wrap Dog Harness $9.99 - $24.99
Cirque Paw Print Soft Harness $24.99

Tiny Personalized Soft Wrap Dog Harnesses $22.99 - $24.99

Cirque Soft Walking Harness $23.99
Charlotte's Web Dog Collars $47.99 - $67.99
Susan Lanci Step-In Dog Harness $74.99

Soft SPORT Wrap Dog Harness $10.99 - $25.99
Tiny Personalized SPORT Wrap Dog Harnesses $22.99 - $24.99

Step-In Dog Harness, Tail Bow Heart $74.99 - $84.99

Step-In Dog Harness Tinkies Garden $69.99 - $81.99
Bronze Stars Dog Collars $35.99
Susan Lanci Nouveau Bow Step-In Harness $89.99 - $104.99

Viewing Page  [1]  2  >  View All

Teacup Dog Harnesses

Teacup Dog Harnesses

Teacup dogs, usually smaller than toy dog breed standards, can be very difficult to find harnesses for. At G.W. Little we specialize in finding the hard-to-find items for the teacup-sized dogs.

One of the more popular tiny dog harnesses is the Li'l Pals mesh harness from Coastal Pet Products. They utilize two closure methods, Velcro plus a tiny buckle. It is a step-in design making it easy to hold you teacup dog while putting their legs through each hole. Susan Lanci Designs also makes many step-in harnesses in a teacup size for girth measurements from 8-1/2" to 9-1/2". These are made from super soft and lightweight Ultrasuede and are a tremendous value as it will last and last.

More about Teacup Puppies and Dogs

The term "teacup dog" usually represents a very small and fragile dog well below the breed standard, usually toy breeds, and these very tiny dogs can be extremely fragile, many times not very healthy, and usually require a significant amount of care and attention. Teacup dogs which are able to survive early stages of life certainly deserve a chance like any other living creature great or small.

While teacup puppies are growing in popularity, proper care can be quite the challenge. Finding tiny size harnesses can prove difficult and we're always seeking out new sources from manufacturers willing to produce sizes this small. While we hope nobody would attempt to walk a teacup dog by using a collar we do offer them as an option for tags or simply decoration. Most teacup dogs are very fragile and may become injured very easily so extra care is required when handling them and certainly not allowing them to jump off of furniture. Many pet stairs are even too big for the small teacup dogs, and you may want to consider pet ramps instead.

If you are considering a teacup breed for your household, please partake in thorough research before making the purchase. Even thought they are very cute and highly sought after, the commitment and responsibilities may not be what you are expecting. These tiny dogs are best left to those with a great deal of experience with teacup breeds. Likewise, just because you may have purchased a "teacup" breed does not necessarily mean it will stay that size. Many breeders guess at how big the dog may eventually become, and we hear this all the time. If your teacup puppy suddenly starts weighing 5 or 6 pounds, you no longer have a teacup breed. When shopping for a teacup breed don't get caught up with the size "teacup" thinking it will fit. Please measure your dog using a soft ruler when they are standing on all four legs. We see many exchanges for larger sizes from customers who thought they had a "teacup" dog.
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