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Interactive Dog Toys

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Tombstone with Candy Bats Zippy Burrow $14.99

Santa's Workshop Zippy Burrow $14.99

Chimney with Santa and Reindeer Zippy Burrow $14.99

Zippy Burrow - Monkey 'n Banana Out of Stock
Zippy Burrow-Seahorse 'n Coral Out of Stock

Zippy Burrow - Bunny 'n Carrot $18.99 $14.99

Hide-a-Squirrel Dog Toy $14.99
Zippy Burrow - Hedgehog Den $18.99 $14.99
Zippy Burrow - Dog House $17.99

Zippy Burrow - Panda 'n Bamboo $18.99 $14.99
Zippy Burrow - Shark 'n Ship $15.99

Zippy Burrow Crab 'n Rock $15.99

Zippy Burrow - Meerkat Den $18.99 $14.99
Zippy Burrow - Chipmunk 'n Acorn $17.99
Zippy Burrow - Aquarium $14.99

Zippy Burrow - Pig Pen $19.99 $15.99
Squeakin' Squirrels Lg. - 3 Pack $11.99
Hide-A-Bird Toy $21.99

Hide-A-Bee Dog Toy $21.99
Zippy Paws - Bear Slipper Nest $19.99 $15.99

Zippy Paws - Bunny Slipper Nest $19.99 $15.99

Li'l Pals Soccer Ball Tug Toy $3.99

Li'l Pals Basketball Tug Toy $4.49
Mini Zisc Flying Dog Toy $14.99

Zippy Burrow - Reindeer Den $18.99 $14.99
Zippy Burrow - Santa's Gift Bag $15.99

Zippy Burrow Refill 3 pack - Crabs $8.99

Zippy Burrow Refill 3 pack - Sharks $8.99

Interactive Dog Toys

Interactive Dog Toys

Interactive dog toys are a great way to challenge your small dog and provide hours of fun for both of you. Whether it's a game of tug or learning an agility course, playing with your dog is a great bonding experience.

The Hide-a-Squirrel and Zippy Burrows feature different themes for you and endless challenges for your little dog. Whether it's pulling rabbits out of a carrot, seahorses out of coral, or sharks out of a ship, these toys are pure fun and entertaining. Interactive toys can also include fetch toys like frisbees and tug toys where you and your dog fight it out to see who gets to claim victory. Or, the infamous Kong toys which you can hide treats inside and watch your dog be challenged to win the reward.
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