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Dog Harnesses

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Rock Star Step-In Dog Harness $79.99 - $97.99
Stardust TAIL-BOW Harness $79.99
EasyGo Polo Dog Harness and Leash $29.99

New Earth Soy Dog Harnesses $12.99 - $24.99
EasyGO Dog Harness $25.99
Garden Tinkie Dog Harness $69.99

Tiny Personalized Soft Wrap Dog Harnesses $22.99 - $24.99
Step-In Dog Harness, Tail Bow Heart $74.99 - $84.99
Step-In Dog Harness Tinkies Garden $69.99 - $81.99

Stardust Step-In Harness $74.99 - $86.99
Tinkie Dog Harness Nouveau Bow Two-Tone $89.99   $74.99
Giltmore Crystals Step-In Dog Harness $94.99   $74.99

Sniffany Scrappy Choke Free Step-In Harness $44.99   $39.99
Contrast Tail Bow Heart Step-In Harness $76.99 - $86.99
Monogrammed Tinki Harness $59.99 - $73.99

Susan Lanci Nouveau Bow Tinkie Dog Harness $74.99 - $79.99
Step-In Dog Harness - Lily $96.99 - $110.99
Plush Air-Mesh Basic Dog Harness $21.99 - $24.99

K9 Explorer Nylon Dog Harnesses $18.99 - $29.99
Li'l Pals Daisy Step-In Harness $18.99
Necktie Dog Harness with Leash $31.99

Big Bow Tinkie's Harness Contrasting $89.99 - $97.99
Tinki Harness - Cheetah $47.99 - $59.99
Water Lily Tinkie Dog Harness $84.99 - $99.99

Viewing Page  <   1  2  [3]  4  5  >  View All

Dog Harnesses

Dog Harnesses

When walking your small dog experts recommend using a harness. Good thing you came to G.W. Little, we have an extensive harness selection. We offer walking harnesses that are lightweight and harnesses that will keep your dog warm.

Created for the small dog, the Quick Release Step-In Harness by Susan Lanci Designs is light-weight, designed to avoid choking and allows complete freedom of movement. Perhaps leather is more your small dog's style. Scrappy Pet step-in dog harness is designed to be choke-free by eliminating pressure on your little dog's neck and airway while walking on a leash. Doing double duty is the Padded Car Vest Harness. Go from secure car ride to safe walk in a matter of seconds.

Why Small Dogs Need Harnesses

If you've got a small dog, you'll usually want to get a dog harness. Dog harnesses help small dogs feel more comfortable, giving them the kind of support they need. Little dogs just don't have the neck strength of larger dogs, so they have a difficult time with collars and leashes. In fact, collars can actually injure small dogs, particularly if they're prone to pulling against the leash.

Speaking of pulling, dog harnesses are also an excellent choice if you're trying to teach your small dog not to pull. Many dog trainers require dogs to wear harnesses during training. The harness lets your dog know who is in charge, making the process of learning and responding to commands go more smoothly.

Small dogs also tend to be able to wriggle out of collars, exposing them to dangerous situations in traffic or around other dogs. In a harness, however, they're firmly held in place, and they have no possibility of breaking out. A dog harness gives you as an owner more control, and it also makes your dog feel more comfortable.

G.W. Little specializes in serving the needs of small dogs, and we have a full selection of dog harnesses from which to choose. Some, like the Ultra USA Choke-Free Harness and the Scrappy Choke Free Step-In Harness, are designed especially to protect your small dog's sensitive neck, throat and esophagus. Some are fashion statements, like the EasyGo Sweetbow Harness and the Hooded Dog Harness by Puppia. Some are designed for warmth during the cold winter months. Still others are good for handicapped or injured pets. And if you travel a lot with your dog, you'll want to check out some of the harnesses designed specifically for traveling. Whatever you're looking for, we have just the right harness for your dog.

At G.W. Little, we understand small dogs and their owners. We know that you have specific needs, and we search for a variety of products to make sure you have a wide array from which to choose. Browse our harness selection, and you're sure to find exactly the right product for you and your dog.

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