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Dog Grooming Tools

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Scaredy Cut Home Pet Grooming Kit $35.99

Li'L Pals BIG Grooming 6-pc SET $22.99
Mat Remover for Pets by Safari $16.99

Safari Safety Pet Scissors $16.99
Li'l Pals Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush $11.99

Stypic Powder for Small Animals $8.99

Li'l Pals De-Matting Comb $10.99
Li'l Pals Soft Tip Massager Brush $7.99

De-Matting Pet Comb by Safari $12.99

Dog Flea Combs $5.99 - $6.99

Safari Professional Nail Trimmer $11.99

Double-Sided Flea Comb by Safari $1.49

Scaredy Cut Tiny Trim Scissors $11.99
Be Forever Furless Lilly Brush $13.99 - $19.99

Li'l Pals Slicker Brush $5.99

Li'l Pals Bristle Brush $5.99

LI'L Pals 4-piece Grooming Kit $15.99

Comfy Cone $18.99 - $24.99

Li'l Pals Nail Trimmer $5.99
Evolution Rotating Pins Comb $7.99

Li'l Pals Massage Brush for Small Dogs $7.49

FURminator DeShedding Tool $29.99   $15.00
Li'l Pals Double Sided Comb $5.99

Li'l Pals Combo Dog Brush $7.99

Viewing Page  [1]  2  >  View All

Dog Grooming Tools

Dog Grooming Tools

Regular grooming keeps your dog's coat clean, healthy and manageable. Neglecting your dog's coat can lead to yeast infections caused by matted hair. Best of all, frequent grooming helps cut down on shedding.

Short coat dogs require simple combing or brushing while medium to long-coated dogs require special tools like a Slicker, Undercoat Rake and Shedding Tool. Our Little Pals Grooming Tools are small in size and works great for little dogs. Other tools include: Self Cleaning Slicker, Rotating Pins Comb and Undercoat Rake. For dog with thick coats use the Furminator DeShedding Tool, reduces dog shedding up to 90%! For blow drying the coat, use the Metro Pet Dryer. Light-weight and safe for a dog's sensitive skin.
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