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Dog Dental Care

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Leba III Dental Spray $69.99 $47.99
ProDen PlaqueOff - 60 grams $24.99
PetZlife Oral Care GEL (4 oz.) $24.99

PetZlife Oral Care Spray (4 fl. oz.) $21.99
KissAble Dental Wipes $14.99
Z-Bones Edible Dental Chews $1.99   $1.79

KissAble Toothbrush $6.99
Kissable Toothbrush & Toothpaste Combo $14.99

KissAble Toothpaste 2.5 oz $7.99

Puppy Love Milky Chew Sticks $9.99

Dog Dental Care

Dog Dental Care

Do you know what the most common health problem is with dogs? It's periodontal disease. By 3 years of age, 75-80% of dogs show signs of tartar buildup. Left untreated, tartar buildup leads to gum disease which often results in serious heart and kidney problems. Prevention is easy with these at home dental care remedies.

Leba III Dental Spray is an all-natural dental care solution. This miraculous herbal product works like a miracle to inhibit plaque from forming and causing plaque that is present to drop off. Just spray directly into mouth, no brushing. Other popular dental care products include PetZLife Dental Spray, PetZLife Oral Care Gel, ProDen Plaque Off and Zuke's Z-Ridge Dental Bones.

The Importance of Dog Dental Care

As a devoted pet owner, the overall health of your pet is important. Just as you would take the time to make sure your dog is healthy and groomed, it's important to be diligent in your dog's oral health, as well. Regular tooth brushing with special dog toothbrushes and toothpaste is typically suggested for keeping a dog's teeth clean. But this route often results in the difficulty of having to hold your dog still while he tries to squirm away from the finger that's invading his mouth. Keeping your dog's teeth clean and healthy doesn't have to be a traumatic experience for you or your dog. In fact, you need only invest a couple minutes each day to maintain healthy oral hygiene for your best friend.

The dental issues your dog faces are similar to those you could potentially face. Over time, plaque buildup begins to irritate the gums, eventually leading to periodontal disease. Having unhealthy teeth results in more than bad breath for your dog. Periodontal disease also causes pain. Aside from regular tooth brushing, dog dental spray and dog breath freshener can help you maintain your dog's oral health.

Dog breath freshener and spray helps battle odor-causing bacteria that form in the mouth to get rid of what you might call "doggie breath." The presence of bad breath can indicate the need for more than just a tooth brushing. Bad breath that won't go away is often indicative of the presence of tooth decay, gum infection or periodontal disease. If any of these conditions is allowed to begin and continues to develop without treatment, the result is continued tooth decay, pain, irritation and the risk of further infection for your dog.

Dog dental spray works with the enzymes found naturally in your dog's saliva to help remove plaque buildup. The all-natural, herbal dog dental spray remedy cleans and whitens your dog's teeth without the need for brushing. A highly effective spray, it also removes existent plaque buildup to help avoid periodontal disease and the need for procedures involving anesthesia to remove plaque buildup.

The by-product of sound oral health is that your dog will have fresh breath, too. Since a healthy mouth feels better and is important to overall health, taking steps to keep your dog's teeth and gums healthy is important. This spray makes it easier and more pleasant for you to achieve and maintain sound dental health for your dog.

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